Asgard Automotives Case Study

How Asgard Automotives used Kaizen Robotics’s Spray Painting Robot to Reduce Waste and Expand its Facility

The Challenge

Asgard Automotives is a leading auto paint shop in the bustling town of Asgardshire. For the past 30 years, Asgard has served over 10,000 vehicles with pride and acclaim.

The company enjoys high ratings on review sites and social media and employs 50 workers from the local community.

But Jane Doe, the new general manager of Asgard, was worried. During her recent weekly reviews, she had noticed that the expenditure for painting was considerably higher than other spendings.

After discussing the issue with the shop floor supervisor, she realized that a lot of paint is simply wasted owing to the inaccuracy of their spray painting machine.

The unwieldy and inefficient robot used by Asgard

Multiply the wastage by a thousand units that Asgard works on annually and Jane realized she had a serious problem on her hands.

She had two choices:

Either persist with the same legacy spray painting machine and incur continuous, heavy losses.


Go for a new robotic system that is usually bulky, expensive and tough to operate.

The Proposed Solution

It is in this context that Jane approached Kaizen Robotics. The technical team visited Asgard’s painting facility, saw the spray painting first hand and talked to the workers.

Based on their situation and the feedback, Kaizen offered their KZR 9000 as a perfect solution for them.

The KZR 9000 is a portable spray painting robot with an accuracy of 99.96% (certified by the International Automotive Painting Association), the highest among its contemporaries.

With its 12 axis arm and proprietory actuators, it can easily spray the paint on a range of surface areas-from minute to extremely large.

KZR 9000’s smart nozzle can detect drops of paint that miss the vehicle’s surface and self-corrects itself in real-time to eliminate any wastage.

The sleek and portable KZR 9000 robot

An average worker can operate the KZR 9000 with only half a day’s training (offered by Kaizen Robotic’s team at premises).

Unlike other spray painting robots, the KZR 9000 can be easily monitored and controlled from a distance, hence minimizing the workers’ exposure to chemical paints.

Best of all, it costs the same as the old spray painting machine Asgard uses.

Jane Doe says:

“We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to operate. All our concerns about its initial and running costs and the space needed to install it quickly dissipated within days.”

Our shop floor workers love the KZR 9000. It was a breeze for them to learn to operate it and it demands minimal maintenance in return.”

The Results

In the six months that Asgard deployed KZR 9000, the volume of paint wasted shrank from 500 gallons to 25 gallons.

Costs saved?

An astounding $50,000.

But employing the KZR 9000 had unintended benefits too.

Contrary to the workers’ fears that they may face redundancy, the savings from eliminating paint waste directly went into expanding Asgard Automotive’s workshop.

The company’s productivity also increased significantly, as their turnaround shot up to full-body paintwork of 8 vehicles a day compared to the earlier 3.

Jane Doe adds:

“The ‘Small Beast’, as we endearingly call the KZR 9000, has directly contributed to higher revenues and expansion of our company. Additionally, it has helped position Asgard Automotives as one of the major auto paint shops in the region.”

Future Plans

Asgard Automotives recently announced their growth plans. The company is determined to open workshops outside its town and branch out into new areas of automotive repair and maintenance.

They also envision more smart automation in their facilities, deploying KZR 9000 and its successors in their shop floors and taking Asgard Automotives public.